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Digital Traceability & Material Passport

A Blockchain-powered Traceability platform, designed to foster transparency, streamline material flow, and enhance trust in complex circular economy ecosystem

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Who we are

Blockchain powered Material Traceability Solution

We digitise material tracking through custom built apps, QR- based authentication, blockchain integration, and more; making it Traceable, Transparent and Reliable.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a world that's not only cleaner but also more efficient and inclusive. Our scalable, blockchain based traceability solutions are the bridge to this future.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire and lead the way to an automated sustainable future. At ASM Global, we are dedicated to revolutionising the way we track and trace resources and cataylse circular economy.

What we do

Discover our Solutions

Streamline your chain of custody effortlessly and elevate your sustainability journey. With RecyclX, we bring transparency and efficiency to every step, from sourcing to recycling. Simplify compliance, enhance traceability, and contribute to a greener planet. Let’s redefine the future of your circular business. Join us in making every link in the chain count!

Track n Trace Platform (RecyclX)

App based ledger which digitally records & maintains material chain of custody in a circular economy value chain

Digital Material Passport (DMP)

Material identity platform which certifies authenticity of green materials and usage of recycled content in a product

sectors we serve

Transforming Material Traceability


We provide an app based platform for recycling companies to digitise their collection to recycling supply chain and generate product passport

Waste Mgmt.

We provide a mobile app-based waste collection and recording software for door to door collection upto landfill or waste to energy


We provide an mobile app-based data recording platform for biofuel generation and monitoring system for carbon credit

River/ Ocean clean up

We provide traceability solutions over mobile app for river and ocean cleanups projects for data recording and chain of custody

what sets us apart

Traceability Meets Flexibility

Our platform offers complete flexibility and allows users to tailor the solution as needed

  • Custom built solutions: We provide mobile application that fits your unique business environment, ensuring a seamless integration with your operations.


  • White-Label applications: We integrate your brand identity in the platform making it your very own digital asset with a 21-day go live assurance. 


  • Zero cost of ownership: We provide complete flexibility in terms of ownership of the platform with varied payment options and packages.
4-Factor Data Authentication!
We take traceability to the next level by implementing a robust 4-factor data authentication system. This means every step of the recycling journey of a material is not only traceable but also verifiable and auditable. The source of waste till it is recycled is anonymously tracked by #RecyclX providing you with peace of mind and fostering a transparent, trustworthy environment. Join us in redefining circular economy integrity and accountability in today's digital landscape
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Digitising the first collectors
f we don’t digitise the processes at the point of origin, we can’t hope for end to end traceability down the line RecyclX platform ensures a secure recording of evidence for first collectors & digital tracking of material till it goes back to the circular economy. By integrating cutting-edge technology, #recyclx can trace the orgin of end of life materials and trace the journey till it goes back into circular economy. Digital traceability ensures transparency, accountability, and efficiency in supply chains. Let's leverage the power of technology to create a world where resources are valued, reused, and regenerated. Join the movement!
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Recycling Enterprise Solutions
Embark on a digital revolution for your recycling business with #RecyclX App! Transform your operations, streamline processes, and boost efficiency in the world of recycling. #RecyclX App brings business to your fingertips, offering seamless tracking, optimised workflows, and opens the door for participation in plastic credit market. From waste collection to resource recovery, digitize your approach for a greener, smarter tomorrow. Join the digital recycling evolution - let's make every recycled item count!
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Discover a new edge for your Business

Higher Revenue

Unlock new revenue opportunities by generating environmental credits from existing business activities

Cost Reduction

Reduce the cost of doing business by improved process efficiencies and accurate monitoring of cost

Improved Quality

Greater visibility on raw material sourcing, ensuring improved & consistent quality performance across the supply chain

Ethical Sourcing

Generate proof of ethical sourcing using the in-app data capturing of social and environmental parameters


Utilise our analytical tools and customised reports for more intelligent and accurate decision-making

Green Claims

Enhance your brand's eco-friendly reputation with data-backed evidence of your environmental efforts.

New Markets

Unlock new product segments, business opportunities, geographies by monetising the data


Achieve diligent compliance to various regulations with our integrated and audit ready compliance tools


Real Impact, Real Feedback: Our Clients' Experiences

Explore the positive impacts of our solutions through our clients’ testimonials. From enhanced efficiency to seamless compliance, see how we’re helping diverse industries thrive.


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