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The General Concept of Track And Trace Platforms

Integrated Approach

Our SaaS based solution aims to integrate all players in the ecosystem for achieving benchmark operating efficiency & transparency. Our solution is designed to handle all types of waste viz. municipal, electrical & electronic, old vehicles, C&D, textiles, ceramics, etc.

Technology Focus

Our solutions catalyze cost effective collection of high quality recyclables. This is enabled by multiple optimization algorithms for waste categorization, reverse logistics management, QR code based transaction authentication, IoT integration, etc.

Data Analytics & Optimization

The platform provides the insights to policy makers for designing and implementing the waste management strategies for superior performance. The integrated solutions enable better planning of civic infrastructure and efficient resource management.

Compliance and Certification

RecyclX supports organizations in meeting environmental standards and regulatory compliance. The platform facilitates the certification process by maintaining detailed records of recycling activities, ensuring that businesses adhere to industry and environmental regulations.

Supply Chain Integration

Collaboration is at the heart of RecyclX. The platform integrates seamlessly with various stakeholders in the recycling supply chain. Manufacturers, distributors, and recyclers can share information efficiently, fostering a circular economy and promoting sustainability.


The user interface of RecyclX is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Whether you're a consumer, waste management professional, or recycling facility operator, the platform ensures that users can easily navigate and access relevant information.

Our Sustainable Solutions

Products & Solutions

Smart City Solutions

RecyclX streamlines recycling processes

SaaS platform with Blockchain integration

Smart Ocean Solutions

By involving consumers in the recycling journey,

Application maintenance & support formats

Smart Enterprise Solutions

RecyclX contributes to the reduction of environmental impact by optimizing recycling processes, minimizing waste, and encouraging the responsible use of resources.

Mobile native & highly interactive user interface

Smart Compliance Solutions

As a leader in innovation, RecyclX sets the standard for modern waste management practices, driving the industry towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Highly affordable service with multiple cloud offerings

QR Enabled authentication

QR Enabled authentication and chain of custody

50+ years of combined recycling

50+ years of combined recycling domain knowledge

What makes us solutions unique?

ASM provides enterprise-grade, smart track and trace solutions that support the digital transformation of reverse supply chains to achieve efficiency, transparency, and traceability.


About Us

Detangle and Automate with us

ASM Global is a technology company specialized in providing tailored sustainability and circularity solutions. Through our scalable and modular IOT based solutions, we enable the digital transformation for better efficiency, recycling, resource recovery, and reduction of waste being sent to landfills.

Our cloud-based solutions aid traceability and transparency across the waste value chain, thereby resulting in an integrated approach and inclusive circular economy. The data generated empowers policy makers to devise the appropriate legislations, local governments to adopt scalable approaches, and waste management service providers to plan and deploy sustainable infrastructure.

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Empowering Stakeholders

The platform allows Waste collectors, Recyclers, Municipalities, & Brand owners to track the circular journey of waste

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ASM Global receives Letter of Acceptance from Austrian government to set up operations in cleantech cluster


ASM Global signs agreement with Municipality of Plaridel, Bulacan to develop a waste management software platform

ASM Global opens up office in Edmonton Canada


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