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Trace, Track, and Transform Your Supply Chain Operations

A Blockchain-Powered Traceability Platform, Designed to Foster Trust, Streamline Coordination, and Enhance Transparency in Complex Supply Chain Networks.

Easily Manage Traceability Data with Our PaaS Platform

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Who we are

Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain Traceability Solution

Driven by innovation, we empower industries with cutting-edge traceability solutions, enabling transparency and efficiency across their supply chains.

Our Vision:

We envision a future where our innovative platform leads the way in material traceability, empowering organizations of all sizes to build sustainable and resilient supply chains across the globe.

Through cutting-edge technology and our unique focus on geo-spatial data and reverse supply chain solutions, we strive to be the trusted partner for governments, corporations, and multi-organizational entities seeking excellence in traceability.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers with a robust traceability platform that ensures every item's journey is tracked and verified. We aim to build a bridge between advanced blockchain technology and practical, everyday business needs, ensuring integrity from the source to the shelf.

We’re a Trusted Material Traceability Solutions Provider

Harnessing the power of geo-spatial data, our traceability solutions empower  industries to gain a holistic understanding of their supply chains, safeguarding quality and sustainability.

Built-in Integrations: Our seamless integrated reverse supply chain systems streamline responsible material and resource management, offering unparalleled efficiency and ease of use.

Scalable Platform as a Service (PaaS): We provide a versatile PaaS model tailored to the specific needs of governments, corporations, and multi-organizational entities, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization.

Customized Traceability for Diverse Sectors

Transforming Supply Chains: Tailored Traceability for a Sustainable Future

Government Municipal Solid Waste Management:

Revolutionize the way governments handle municipal solid waste. Our solutions guarantee responsible, transparent, and efficient waste management, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Corporate Reverse Collection Systems:

Corporates can now seamlessly integrate reverse collection mechanisms into their operations. Our tailored services promote ethical material management, paving the way for a greener corporate footprint.

Multi-Organizational Collaboration:

We're proud to partner with esteemed international organizations, including the UN and UNDP. Together, we develop bespoke products that not only meet but exceed global sustainability targets. Our collaborative efforts are a testament to our commitment to creating a sustainable world for future generations.

Circular Economy

Fostering a circular economy - We collaborate with corporates and global organizations to reduce waste, recycle resources, and build a sustainable future.

Waste Management

Transforming waste management - Our state-of-the-art systems revolutionize municipal waste handling, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

Agriculture & Allied

Advancing sustainable agriculture - We streamline waste management in farming, promoting eco-friendly practices for a greener agricultural sector.

Ocean Conservancy

Pioneering solutions for ocean health - Our innovative technologies tackle marine waste, helping preserve our oceans for future generations

Collaborative Excellence in Customized Traceability

Your Partner in Tailoring Precision Traceability Solutions

Discover the power of tailored solutions with our commitment to collaborative and customizable traceability.

  • Bespoke Solutions: We craft traceability systems that fit your unique challenges, ensuring seamless integration with your operations.
  • Rapid White-Label Deployment: Maintain your brand identity with our quick, 21-day deployment of white-label solutions.
  • Flexible PaaS Model: Our Platform as a Service adapts to the specific needs of governments, corporations, and multi-organizational entities.
  • Innovative Partnership: Join us on a journey of continuous innovation, where your evolving needs shape our collaborative approach to sustainable traceability.
What Sets Us Apart

Discover the ASM Advantage: Transforming Waste Management

Compliance with Confidence

Easily navigate regulations with our compliance-focused software, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

Digital Traceability

Experience unparalleled transparency in the waste value chain

Integrated Solutions

Connect with our comprehensive platforms for seamless waste management.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage analytics for smarter, more effective strategies

Flexible and Scalable

Customizable solutions that grow with your needs.

Transparency and Compliance

Ensure compliance and informed decision-making.

Cost-Efficiency and Quality

Achieve superior service quality while reducing operational costs.

Green Claims Validated

Substantiate your environmental contributions with validated data, bolstering your brand's green claims and consumer trust.


Real Impact, Real Feedback: Our Clients' Experiences

Explore the positive impacts of our solutions through our clients’ testimonials. From enhanced efficiency to seamless compliance, see how we’re helping diverse industries thrive.



Leading the Market with Unbeatable Pricing
Our Track & Trace Solution, priced at $1 per ton, includes comprehensive mobile and web tools for marine waste management, embodying our commitment to transparent, flat-rate pricing for trusted, long-term client partnerships.
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